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Free Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT Whitepapers

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Artificial Intelligence: The next digital frontier.
What can machine learning do? Workforce implications.
Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth.
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 2017: Leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics for sustainable growth.
AI in storytelling: Machines as cocreators.
AI within O'Reilly Media: How does media make use?.
Meet the Robots: What the new generation of artificial intelligence means for the manufacturing workforce.
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Your Marketing.
Machine Learning 101.
Chatbots Gone Wild: The data science behind making sure your chatbot is worth talking to.
Artificial Intelligence, For Real. You've been told it will transform everything. You've been told you need to invest in it. But you haven't been told how. Start here.
Why should you hire an automated analyst: Advanced natural language generation in action.
Should you be using AI in your business?.
Putting Data Science in Production.
The Customer Experience of AI: Five principles to foster engagement, innovation and trust.
AI Now 2017 Report.
The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan.
The Forrester Wave: Insight Platform-as-a-Service, Q3 2017.
Artificial Intelligence as a Positive and Negative Factor in Global Risk.
Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030.
Disruption Ahead: Deloitte's point of view on IBM Watson.
The Robot and I: How New Digital Technologies Are Making Smart People and Businesses Smarter by Automating Rote Work.
The New Wave of Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
Deep Learning and the Artificial Intelligence Revolution.
Controlling machine-learning algorithms and their biases .
Machine Learning for Data Unification.
Report on Artificial Intelligence.
Turning AI into Concrete Value: the successful implementer's toolkit.
CIO's Guide to Data Analytics & Machine Learning.
The Essential CIO Guide to AI.
A Guide to Machine Learning for Computer Vision Algorithms.

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