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Free Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT Whitepapers

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Data Science Competency Checklists 2017.
Chatbots Gone Wild: The data science behind making sure your chatbot is worth talking to.
Artificial Intelligence, For Real. You've been told it will transform everything. You've been told you need to invest in it. But you haven't been told how. Start here.
Agile Data Mastering.
Why should you hire an automated analyst: Advanced natural language generation in action.
Should you be using AI in your business?.
Building Production-Ready Predictive Analytics.
Putting Data Science in Production.
Advanced Technologies Initiative: Manufacturing & Innovation.
The Internet of Things in Retail: Great Expectations.
The Customer Experience of AI: Five principles to foster engagement, innovation and trust.
AI Now 2017 Report.
Open Data Handbook Documentation.
It's all about the Data!.
Seizing the data opportunity: A strategy fo UK data capability.
Great expectations: The evolution of the chief data officer.
The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan.
The Forrester Wave: Insight Platform-as-a-Service, Q3 2017.
Artificial Intelligence as a Positive and Negative Factor in Global Risk.
Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030.
Disruption Ahead: Deloitte's point of view on IBM Watson.
The Robot and I: How New Digital Technologies Are Making Smart People and Businesses Smarter by Automating Rote Work.
The New Wave of Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
Deep Learning and the Artificial Intelligence Revolution.
Data Governance is Everyone's Business. Bringing IT and business together for a new era in data-driven enterprise
Internet of Things (IoT) 2018 - Market Statistics, Use Cases and Trends.
Uber Strategy Teardown: A data-driven view into Uber's historical and forward-looking strategy.
Controlling machine-learning algorithms and their biases .
Risk analytics enters its prime.
100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2021.
Analytics in Banking: Time to realize the value.
Empower Your Organization with Cloud-Based Analytics.
Making data analytics work for you - instead of the other way around.
Trends 18: Digital audience ingishts for 2018.
The 'Big 5' Patents Report.
Surviving the Singularity.
The Singularity Controversy: Lessons learnerd and open questions.
The Singularity: A Philosophical Analysis.
The Singularity and Human Destiny.
A History of Transhumanist Thought.
Transhumanism: The convergence of evolution, humanism and information technology.
Maximizing Moments of Truth: Creating meaningful real-time customer interactions.
Machine Learning for Data Unification.
Journalism that Stands Apart.
How to Improve Student Educational Outcomes: New insights from data analytics.
How Retailers can Use Ambient Data for a Multi-Channel Strategy .
From Small to Big Data, Adopting the Advanced Analytics Mindset.
Assessing the Opportunity & Impact of Open Data in Malaysia.
Report on Artificial Intelligence.
The New York Times Innovation Report.
Moment is the New Marketplace.
Open Data Maturity in Europe 2017.
Assessing the Opportunity & Impact of Big Data Analytics in Malaysia.
Turning AI into Concrete Value: the successful implementer's toolkit.
Your data scientist hiring guide.
The Great Re-make: Manufacturing for modern times.
How to Drive Serendipitous Discovery with Recommendation Engines. Successfully predict content users will like even if they don't know they'll like it
TDWI Self-Service Analytics Maturity Model Guide.
The Age of Analytics: Competing in a Data-Driven World.
Transhumanism, Metaphysics, and the Posthuman God.
The Transhumanist FAQ: A General Introduction.
Nurturing a Productive Data Team: How to grow data teams from infancy to maturity.
The Exponential Digital Social World.
Operationalizing analytics to drive value.
2017 State of Data and Analytics.
Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity.
What's Next for Open Data.
CIO's Guide to Data Analytics & Machine Learning.
The Forrester Wave: Enterprise BI Platforms Q3 2017.
The Essential CIO Guide to AI.
7 Original Sins of Digital Marketing.
Big Data 2017 - Market Statistics, Use Cases and Trends.
Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study.
Smart Cities and Communities. GDT smart city solutions on Intel-based Dell EMC infrastructure
Data Elevates the Customer Experience.
A Guide to Machine Learning for Computer Vision Algorithms.
Amazon Strategy Teardown. Building new business pillars in AI, next-gen logistics and enterprise cloud apps
Critical Capabilities for BI and Analytics Platforms.
Big Data for Media.
Analytics Lessons Learned: Case studies on the use of lean analytics.
BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms.
2018 Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends.
Malaysia Big Data Analytics Maturity Assissment 2015.
Malaysia Big Data Analytics Framework Study 2014. First national big data analytics blueprint complete with strategic recommendations
Open Data: Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information.