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Free Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT Whitepapers

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Sustainable Competitive Intelligence: Creating business value through data relationships.
Fraud Detection: Discovering connections with Graph Databases.
Break Down the Barriers to Better Data Analytics. Tips and best practices for data analytics executives
The hearbeat of modern marketing: Data activation & personalization.
What's Now and Next in Analytics, AI, and Automation.
A Future That Works: Automation, Employment and Productivity.
Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth.
Your Complete Guide to Digital Transformation in Asia Pacific.
The Automotive Revolution Is Speeding Up: A perspective on the emerging personal-mobility landscape. How fast is disruption reshaping the personal-mobility landscape, and what will new value pools look like as the ecosystem evolves?
Reinventing Construction: A route to higher productivity.
Cracking the digital-shopper genome.
Beyond the supercycle: How technology is reshaping resources.
Edge Computing: Driving New Outcomes from Intelligent Industrial Machines.
Top Ten Big Data Trends.
Using marketing analytics to drive superior growth.
SAS Analytics Innovation Executive Forum MY 2017 Presentation Slides.
Technology, Jobs, and the Future of Work.
Artificial Intelligence: The next digital frontier.
Creating a data-driven strategy for customer experience.
What can machine learning do? Workforce implications.
Powered by data, driven by people: The travel sector's future.
The "Big 5" Patents Report. Patent activity and trends across Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft
Next-Gen Data Scientists.
Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation.
Keep your Data Science Efforts from Derailing.
Putting industrial cyber security at the top of the CEO agenda.
Fueling growth through data monetization. A new survey finds that many companies are launching data-focused businesses. But few have achieved significant financial impact, which requires the right combination of strategy, culture, and organization
The do's and don'ts of dashboards. You've got data and you've got insights - now you're ready to share your findings with the world
Introduction to Bayesian Networks & BayesiaLab.
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 2017: Leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics for sustainable growth.
AI in storytelling: Machines as cocreators.
AI within O'Reilly Media: How does media make use?.
Customer Journey Optimization: Lean operations in the age of customer centricity.
Meet the Robots: What the new generation of artificial intelligence means for the manufacturing workforce.
Transforming Your Company into a Data Science-Driven Enterprise.
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Your Marketing.
Can I Become a Data Scientist: Research into 1,001 Data Scientist Profiles.
Machine Learning 101.
Data Science Competency Checklists 2017.
Chatbots Gone Wild: The data science behind making sure your chatbot is worth talking to.
Artificial Intelligence, For Real. You've been told it will transform everything. You've been told you need to invest in it. But you haven't been told how. Start here.
Agile Data Mastering.
Why should you hire an automated analyst: Advanced natural language generation in action.
Should you be using AI in your business?.
Building Production-Ready Predictive Analytics.
Putting Data Science in Production.
Advanced Technologies Initiative: Manufacturing & Innovation.
The Internet of Things in Retail: Great Expectations.
The Customer Experience of AI: Five principles to foster engagement, innovation and trust.
AI Now 2017 Report.

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