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Free Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT Books

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Data Mining with Rattle and R. The art of excavating data for knowledge discovery
Data Mining Algorithms in R.
Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques.
KB - Neural Data Mining with Python sources. Algorithms to extract the knowledge hidden inside data using Python language
New Fundamental Technologies in Data Mining. In-depth description of novel mining algorithms and many useful applications
The Elements of Statistical Learning (Data Mining, Inference and Prediction). Bringing together many new ideas in learning and explaining them in a statistical framework
Knowledge-Oriented Applications in Data Mining. In-depth description of novel mining algorithms and many useful applications
An Introduction to Data Mining. A creative way of learning about data mining
Data Discovery for Dummies. Data discovery, what it does and how it makes dealing with big data simpler
Mining of Massive Datasets. Data mining of very large amounts of data, that is, data so large it does not fit in main memory
R and Data Mining: Examples and Case Studies. Various data mining functionalities in R and three case studies of real world applications
Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques. Concepts and techniques of data mining
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Real Life Applications. Four different ways of theoretical and practical advances and applications of data mining in different promising areas like Industrialist, Biological, and Social
Data Mining with Weka. A collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks that can either be applied directly to a dataset or called from your own Java code
Data Mining and Analysis: Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms. Fundamental algorithms in data mining and analysis that form the basis for the emerging field of data science
A Programmer's Guide to Data Mining. Tool for learning basic data mining techniques

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